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Adrafinil Information

Adrafinil is a generic name for the compound that was once sold as a prescription drug under the brand name Olmifon. The company that first synthesized, in 1974, and distributed Olmifon was Laboratoire Lafon, located in France.

Laboratoire Lafon was purchased by Cephalon Incorporated in 2001 and Cephalon continued to produce and market Olmifon. In May 2011, Cephalon itself was acquired by Teva Pharmaceutical Industries.

Towards the end of 2011 production of Olmifon was completely discontinued. Cephalon has acquired the rights to modafinil. Modafinil provides similar results to adrafinil and most patients prefer it, but there are those who favor adrafinil.


Adrafinil Effects And Classification

Adrafinil can be classified as belonging to various categories including: nootropic (improves mental function), stimulant, or wakefulness promoting drug. It is nothing like drugs in the amphetamine family, or many other stimulant drugs.

In most people it can produce a more alert or focused mental attitude, and to a lesser degree may increase physical energy too. But it does not get a person high. Nor is there the drastic come-down associated with stimulants like amphetamines and cocaine.

In addition, adrafinil has little or no potential of being addictive. Many stimulants, including amphetamines and cocaine, can be very addictive. And as long as it is not taken close to bedtime, adrafinil will not usually interfere with sleep.

Listed below are some of the possible benefits of adrafinil. Everyone is different so do not expect too much. You may experience nothing or possibly one or more of the following reactions:

Possible Mental/Physical Benefits:
Improved memory.
Improved reaction time.
Improved concentration.
Improved mental energy.
Improved ability to focus.
May help improve vision.
May increased physical stamina.
May help increase tolerance to pain.
Help narcolepsy sufferers stay awake.
Ability to function on less sleep than usual.
Help excessive daytime sleepiness sufferers stay awake.
Increased energy/wakefulness for seasonal affective disorder.

Possible Emotional Benefits:
Reduced anger.
Improved self-control.
Help managing psychosis.
Help managing depression.
Help managing bipolar disorder.
Reduced severity of panic attacks.
Reduced levels of fear and anxiety.
Improved performance under stress.
Treatment for borderline personality disorder.
Treatment for social anxiety and other forms of anxiety.

Adrafinil Dosage

The average dose size is about 300 mg. However, some people find doses as low as 50 mg are enough for their needs while other individuals can require dose sizes of up to 1200 milligrams.

If you want to take adrafinil when you wake up to stay alert and focused throughout the day, a 150-300 milligram dose sometime soon after you get up is a good starting point.

Then if necessary another 150-300 milligram dose later in the day, if and when you start to feel tired, is a good idea. Some people can make it through the entire day on a single dose taken when they awake.

Dose size can be adjusted up or down to suit your specific requirements. If you find a certain size dose too strong you can reduce the dose size. Similarly if you find it too weak you can increase the dose size.

Larger dose sizes tend to produce stronger results and last longer. If you take multiple doses over the course of a day, take the largest dose right after waking up, and the same size or smaller sized doses later in the day.

Taken by itself, some people report that they get optimal results that last all week by taking a 600-1200 milligram dose, in the morning, every 2-3 days. While this won't work for everyone, it may improve results for those who find lower doses too mild.

It is best not to take adrafinil late in the day until you know how you respond to it. If you do take a dose late in the day, you might not be able to get any sleep that night. It will work faster, and possibly more effectively, taken on an empty stomach.

Effects usually last for about 4-8 hours, sometimes longer depending on the individual and dose size. Rather than taking it everyday whether you feel you need it or not, it is more advantageous to only take it when necessary.

For instance taking it only when you didn't get enough sleep, when feeling particularly tired, have to study all night, are driving for long periods, etcetera. Tolerance is less of an issue if adrafinil is consumed once a week, or less often.

Adrafinil may prove effective for people who for whatever reason feel tired and out of energy, but want or need to stay up and keep going. It does not work for everybody, but a majority of those who try notice some degree of stimulation.

Those who do report positive results say things like it increases alertness and helps them focus their attention. It can also combat fatigue and lethargy, causing a person to feel more energetic and on top of things.

Water soluble.
Not addictive or habit forming.
Starts to work in 15-60 minutes.
Can take 1-3 hours to work fully.
Effects last 4-8 hours, or longer.
Take adrafinil on an empty stomach.
Recommended daily maximum intake is 1200 mg.

If you buy adrafinil powder, it can be put into capsules and taken orally, or mixed with water based liquids and drank. To get accurate measurements you will need a scale that can measure weight in milligrams, if you work with powder.

Possible combination include but are not limited to:
Noopept for increased energy.
Piracetam for mental clarity and focus.
Tianeptine for increased energy, mood boost.

Medical marijuana patients, and others that consume cannabis products, will probably like the combination. Instead of feeling lethargic and cloudy-headed, you will probably feel more energetic with improved thought clarity.

Adrafinil Availability

Prior to utilizing adrafinil, to be safe discuss it with your physician. On your first attempt it might be the best thing to try working with a small quantity, somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 milligrams or less.

A small dose size will give you an indication of the possible results as well as alerting you to any negative reactions. At small dose sizes, the effects are subtle and some people might not notice anything.

Adrafinil Warnings, Side Effects

Side effects are fairly uncommon and will be most noticeable if you are sensitive to stimulants. Possible negative side effects may include: anxiety, confusion, excitability, headache, irritability, itching, mental agitation, stomach ache, skin rash.

You may feel tired the day after taking it.
May lower the efficacy of contraceptive pills and implants.
Do not consume daily if a tolerance (needing more) develops.
May counter-act effects of benzodiazepines or other tranquilizers.

Some people say that adrafinil worked when they first started taking it but soon it didn't produce any results. Other people report a tolerance builds if they take it often. It might be best to limit intake to once week (or less often) when you first start taking it, and see how you respond.

Adrafinil is sometimes utilized by bodybuilders and others who participate in physical activities because of the increased focus and energy it can promote. However, it is a prohibited substance by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency).

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