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Alpha-GPC Information

Alpha-GPC is a common name for a substance with the chemical name L-Alpha-GlycerylPhosphorylCholine. It is a natural choline source that is often employed in conjunction with various substances consumed for nootropic purposes.

Nootropics influence the human brain in positive respects for most individuals. There are those who do not respond to them, but for those that obtain positive results they can improve aspects of the mind that are related to cognition.

Alpha-GPC is not often utilized as a stand alone medication. However, some people report that by itself it is effective as a treatment for various cognitive disorders. This includes individuals who are suffering from Alzheimer's or who have had a stroke.


Alpha-GPC Effects And Classification

Alpha-GPC is produced by the human body and can be found in the brain. The body utilizes it as a source of choline in the production of acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter involved in the processing of thought related activity.

Unless you have a choline deficiency, do not expect much if it's ingested by itself. A limited number of persons say it can slightly improve concentration and focus, improve memory, improve vision, increase mental energy, induce clear thinking.

It is most often utilized to combine with other nootropics, usually racetams, to prevent headaches and increase potency. Usually it's more expensive than other choline sources. But many people say it is worth it, because for their purposes it works better.

Alpha-GPC Dosage

Taken by itself, a good starting dose is about 250 mg of 100% alpha-GPC. It is sometimes sold diluted (example 50%) to reduce storage problems. A 500 mg dose of 50% alpha-GPC is required to equal a 250 mg dose of 100% alpha-GPC.

Alpha-GPC is water soluble but sometimes sold mixed with other substances that are not. It can be put it in capsules and washed down with a drink. It combines positively with all racetams and may improve their effectiveness, besides reducing or eliminating headaches.

Nootropics it is sometimes combined with:

Alpha-GPC Availability

Prior to utilizing alpha-GPC, to be safe discuss it with your physician. On your first attempt it might be the best thing to try working with a small quantity, somewhere in the neighborhood of 250 milligrams or less.

A small dose size will give you an indication of the possible results as well as alerting you to any negative reactions. At small dose sizes, the effects are subtle and some people might not notice anything.

Alpha-GPC Warnings, Side Effects

No side effects to speak of unless you are sensitive or allergic to choline. If your body has a negative reaction to choline, possible troubles may include:

--- Excessive Sweating.
--- Nausea and Vomiting.
--- Upset Stomach and Diarrhea.
--- Other Gastrointestinal Problems (stomach and intestines).

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