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Older Grow Marijuana Books

Cannabis Underground Library: Seven Rare Classics
Seven underground books (from the 1960s and 1970s) bound into a single volume offer information about cannabis cultivation and preparation. This is by no means an up to date book (there are a lot of better grow guides than this).

The grow info covers things like growing indoors under fluorescent light (not recommended) as well as methods that have been used successfully outdoors for thousands of years, but there is no info on more modern methods of growing marijuana like hydroponics (February 23, 2000)

The book includes:
The Pot Book
Super Grass Grower's Guide
Consumer's and Dealer's Guide
Supermother's Cooking with Grass
Growing Cannabis Under Fluorescents
Ancient and Modern Methods of Growing
Dr. Atomic's Marijuana Multiplier
Cannabis Underground Library

Closet Cultivator
Information about growing marijuana in a small area indoors. Discusses hydroponics, controlling odor, lighting, nutrients, water systems, potency, problems, and more. Shows how to establish a high yield garden in a limited space and on a limited budget.

Illustrated with black and white pictures to make things easy to understand. Also includes a small color picture section. A small book (a little over 100 pages) for the intermediate grower. Not for someone only getting one book or the first time grower. This is more of a supplement for the more experienced grower that would like to downsize and grow in a closet or other small space (2nd edition May 24, 1999).
Closet Cultivator

Commercial Hydroponics
Mostly about using hydroponics on a large scale, this contains no information about growing marijuana. Because of this, security needed when growing marijuana is not discussed. Might be complicated to someone who doesn't understand hydroponics.

If you are familiar with hydroponics to grow marijuana and would like to grow outdoors or in a greenhouse on a commercial scale, this is a book that will give you some ideas about how to plan and operate your setup. Has a section about growing vegetables and other crops (April 1993).
Commercial Hydroponics

CO2 Temperature and Humidity
Very basic information about CO2 (carbon dioxide) to provide optimal growing conditions for marijuana plants.

The 50+ page book includes chapters on measuring carbon dioxide, air circulation and ventilation, temperature control, humidity control, producing carbon dioxide and more (2nd edition July 17, 1997).
CO2 Temperature and Humidity

Cultivating Exceptional Cannabis: An Expert Breeder Shares His Secrets
Puts together some very good articles that DJ Short has produced over the years for Cannabis Culture Magazine. If you like the author and don't want to go through different editions of Cannabis Culture trying to find all his articles, this is the book to get.

Not a grow guide in itself, it's geared towards people who have a raised a few successful crops and are looking for advice that will help increase the quantity and quality of their product (January 29, 2004).
Cultivating Exceptional Cannabis

Cultivators Handbook of Marijuana
Includes information on the marijuana plant, marijuana and land, working with young plants, marijuana and light, harvesting and curing, making a good plant better, etc.

Very little about hydroponics and growing inside, this is intended for outdoor growers only (January 28, 1993).
Cultivators Handbook of Marijuana

Grow Like a Pro: The Marijuana Advantage
This book alone will not be enough for you to grow like a pro. It is a collection of marijuana growing articles, from pro growers that have been published in Cannabis Culture magazine. If you are an experienced grower this might provide you with some ideas.

Besides growing, there are articles about marijuana culture around the world, pot potency, cloning, and more. Includes color photographs. Features writers like Ed Rosenthal, DJ Short, Hans, DMT, and others. Small book less than 100 pages (February 24, 2004).
Grow Like a Pro

How to Grow Marijuana Indoors...
Does a good job of describing how to grow in a basic way, but is not complete. If you are going to buy several books about growing, this would be an ok addition, if you can get it for under $10.

If you are only going to buy one book, you would be better off looking for something else. If you are a medical marijuana user thinking about growing but aren't sure if you will be able to handle it, this might be a good place to start if you see it at the library (June 1996).
How to Grow Marijuana Indoors...

Growing Marijuana Hydroponically
Basic information about growing marijuana hydroponically. You will need a lot more information than this if you have never grown marijuana before (February 23, 2000).
Growing Marijuana Hydroponically

Indoor Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor Bible
Back in the day, this was the best book around. Part of the first generation of really good grow books from the early 2000s. Over 400 pages with chapters on lights and electricity, water and fertilizer, soil mixes, and more. Uses photos to make the text easy to follow. It covers most topics necessary to grow your crop indoors. From setting up your grow room to breeding. This book is about growing marijuana indoors only.

Very good book for the first time grower with some content that might be of use to more advanced growers. But the author has written a more recent book that contains most, if not everything in this book. And in addition to growing indoors, the new book also shows how to grow marijuana outdoors (1st edition September 2001).
Indoor Marijuana Horticulture

Invisible Marijuana and Psychedelic Mushroom Gardens
Information about growing both marijuana and mushrooms, but more importantly, how to grow and not have your operation detected.

While it is not the ultimate book on growing either substance, it would be a good book (in addition to) a more detailed book dedicated only to growing. Use the methods contained in this book to plan your set up (June 1998).
Invisible Marijuana and Psychedelic Mushroom Gardens

Marijuana Flower Forcing: Secrets of Designer Growing
Not a good choice, there is not enough text to explain all the steps required to grow marijuana.

Most aspects of indoor gardening are covered, but this small volume doesn't describe things like the drying process or outdoor growing (May 1, 1997).
Marijuana Flower Forcing

Marijuana Growers Guide
Not really a grow guide, this is more of a reference guide for marijuana growers. Includes a good description of cannabinoids as well as botanical aspects of the cannabis species of plants. Very good book for its time, still an interesting and valid reference in 2015.

Mel Frank wrote this, covers subjects like clones, seedlings, genetics, nutrients, deficiencies, diseases, plant pests, pruning, harvesting, drying, and more are covered. Over 300 pages illustrated with 164 photos, 64 in color, 29 line drawings, 30 tables, charts, maps (4th edition November 15, 1996).
Marijuana Growers Guide

Marijuana Grower's Handbook: The Indoor High Yield Cultivation Grow Guide
The book was good but Ed Rosenthal has a very good newer book on the subject. This is the same Ed from the Ask Ed grow tips column of High Times magazine.

From choosing seeds to harvesting, the book tries to cover all aspects of growing. Lighting, nutrients, soil, harvesting, manicuring, storage, and more (3rd edition March 9, 1998).
Marijuana Grower's Handbook

Marijuana Grower's Insider's Guide
By Mel Frank, some of the info in this 350 plus page book is dated, but it is an overall good introduction for the first time grower who isn't sure if growing marijuana is for them. This book will lead you through the steps involved in the growing process, from germination to harvesting.

Includes: how to select your seeds for a higher percentage of females, indoor and outdoor growing, setting up a lighting system, irrigation, hydroponics, setup arrangements large and small, soil mixes, and much more. Not recommended for intermediate or advanced growers (5th or later edition January 22, 1993).
Marijuana Grower's Insider's Guide

Marijuana Hydro Gardens: The Techno Grow
If you want to grow hydroponic marijuana, get another book about growing hydroponic marijuana.

This book might be an ok introduction for someone who has grown weed in soil successfully and wants to start growing hydroponically. But the book does not cover all aspects of growing hydroponic marijuana (April 9, 2001).
Marijuana Hydro Gardens

Marijuana Hydroponics
You are better off getting another book.

This was written in 1986 and has not been updated since 1993 (February 18, 1993).
Marijuana Hydroponics

Marijuana Indoors: Five Easy Gardens
This early book by Jorge Cervantes was for the small time grower who already knows how to grow indoors and wants to start growing larger quantities. The author went to Europe to interview and photograph growers of five operations and find out techniques that work for them.

Methods used here are for high end, high yield crops. Each garden is detailed with an itemized list of components with cost, and typical output. Not recommended for large scale operations, this book is for someone used to raising a small crop for personal use but who wants to increase the amount they grow to stockpile a stash or sell a few ounces for profit (January 1, 1999).
Marijuana Indoors

Marijuana: Jorge's Rx
A collection of articles the author (Jorge Cervantes) wrote for his high times marijuana growing advice column.

Contains articles about security, medical marijuana, outdoor growing, water, nutrients, leaching, fertilizer, hydroponics, co2, odor, pests, diseases, cloning, transplanting, flowering, harvest, drying, hash, and more (May 1, 2004).
Marijuana: Jorge's Rx

Marijuana Outdoors: Guerilla Growing
By Jorge Cervantes, this is an introductory book for first time growers that want to grow outdoors. Because different growers tell their specific methods, there are contradictions.

The author travelled throughout North America, Europe, Great Britain and Australia to learn how growers raise marijuana outside (January 1, 2000).
Marijuana Outdoors

Marijuana Success Indoors: Garden Tours and Tips
Only 80 pages it might be of interest to someone who wants to hear how several gardeners raised a crop indoors.

Not a lot of information, the photos might give you an idea of how others have set up their growing area (December 20, 2002).
Marijuana Success Indoors

Marijuana Success Volume 2: Grow a Great Garden
Only 80 pages, covers indoor gardening, outdoor gardening, special techniques, and making quality hashish.

A view of medical marijuana growers and outdoor hydroponics. Additional articles about, ecological farming, and producing female seeds (January 25, 2006).
Marijuana Success Volume 2

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