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Marijuana (Cannabis)

A Digital Microscope
For Monitoring Marijuana Trichomes

Instructions on this page were made with this particular digital microscope. It is inexpensive and preforms as well as some more costly models.

It was easy to setup and install software on the computer it is hooked up to. It can work with most computers that have a usb port, and has been functioning reliably for over three years with no problems.

Not all digital scopes have a built in light, or the ability to save images. Other models of digital microscope may function differently than this one does, consult the instructions that come with your scope.

When working with the digital microscope that provided the images for this page, to monitor the trichomes on marijuana plants you can bring the microscope and a laptop computer into the grow room.

The microscope itself will have to be hung over a plant, or it will have to be placed next to a plant, so that the lens is close enough to the bud so that the image that appears on the computer screen.

With the image on the screen in view, the focus button on the microscope can be adjusted until the picture is as clear as possible.

Another option is cutting a small piece of the marijuana buds you want to view and bringing them to another location where the digital microscope is hooked up to a computer.

The benefit of cutting off a small piece of marijuana bud and bringing it to the microscope for observation is it requires a lot less effort.

To do so, install the drivers and software that comes with the microscope on your computer and hook the scope up via the usb port.

Once the software is installed, find a comfortable spot to set up the digital microscope and work. A solid, light colored, surface is good for looking at cannabis trichomes.

Small Pieces Of Marijuana Bud Measuring About 1/4 by 1/2 inch

After the workplace is ready, go to the grow room and cut a small piece off of the marijuana buds you want to take a look at.

It is best to wait until the buds are fairly large, usually after 5-6 weeks of flowering or later. You only need to snip a small piece off the bud, or buds, you want to look at.

Digital Microscope Positioned Over Small Pieces Of Marijuana Bud

Put the marijuana on the work surface and position the microscope so the lens is pointed at one of the pieces of marijuana.

Look at the image on the screen and try to get the lens close to the bud. If necessary move the scope up or down then adjust the focus so you can, as clearly as possible, see the color of the trichomes.

In addition to the focus adjustment, there is an adjustment for the lowering or raising the brightness of the white light that is built into the microscope.

The software that comes with the microscope, when installed on a computer, will allow the user to save images taken with the microscope, to the computer, for future reference. Small Pieces Of Marijuana Bud Measuring About 1/4 by 1/2 inch

Sample trichome pictures taken while working with the microscope to create this page are here and here and here. It is also good for looking at other small objects.

Be sure to remove the lens cap before working with the microscope. Replace the lens cover when you are finished and ready to pack up the scope.

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