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Marijuana (Cannabis)

Potato Ricer To Filter & Press Marijuana Butter

After being prepared, marijuana butter can be filtered to separate the butter from the plant material. After that, a press can help extract any remaining butter from the plant material that has been filtered. A potato ricer and a piece of cheesecloth will allow you to do this in one step.

A potato ricer is a kitchen tool most commonly used to mash potatoes. People will sometimes puree beans, tomatoes, fruits and other vegetables with them. Besides that they can press liquid from foods, as well as perform other similar tasks around the kitchen.

Potato Ricer Basket Close-Up

They have top and bottom handles at one end, the top handle has a press at the other end, and the bottom handle has a container with holes in the bottom at the other end.

Something is placed in the container and squeezed by forcing the handles together. The product comes out the bottom of the ricer container, also called a basket.

The potato ricer shown in the images on this page is this one. The handles are about 12 inches/30 cm long and the basket for holding foods is about 3 inches/8 cm in diameter by 3 inches/8 cm high. It can press up to 14-28 grams of marijuana made into butter, at a time.

The cheesecloth shown being placed in the bottom of the potato ricer, to filter the butter from the plant material, is 10 weight.

Since all potato ricers work on the same principle, any model should be able to the job. However, some may be easier to work with than others.

Method For Filtering And Pressing MJ Butter

Open the ricer and set it up over a pot, bowl, or something similar to catch and hold the butter when it filters through. Open Potato Ricer Over Pot

The handle on this potato ricer supports it over the pot, not all ricers may be able to.

If yours doesn't, put a strainer or something else that will support it while letting the butter pass through, under it.

After the ricer is positioned, cut a piece of cheesecloth slightly larger than the basket of the potato ricer. Piece Of Cheesecloth Slightly Larger Than Basket Of Potato Ricer When filtering through cheesecloth, try to get an open or coarse grade (10 weight or 40 weight).

It filters faster and allows more material to pass through. A finer grade of cheesecloth is ok but it takes longer to filter and more of the active material may be trapped in the fine weave.

Place the cheesecloth in the bottom of the ricer basket so that it will trap all the solids in the marijuana butter you're filtering and let the liquid pass through.

Marijuana Butter Filtering Through Potato Ricer

If everything looks good the filtration system is ready, pour the marijuana butter into the basket of the potato ricer.

If you have open or coarse grade cheesecloth in the bottom of the ricer, filtering will take a few seconds.

When the marijuana butter finishes filtering through the cheesecloth, close the potato ricer.

Slowly Squeezing Together The Handles Of The Potato Ricer

Then bring the ricer handles together and squeeze slowly, try to press all the butter out of the plant material that you can.

It will only take a few minutes and is worth the effort.

After squeezing the remaining butter out, the plant material can be discarded and the filtered marijuana butter can be put to good use. If prepared correctly, the marijuana butter may look dark but it isn't burned.

Step By Step

A) Open the potato ricer and set it up over a pot.
B) Support with a strainer if necessary.
C) Cut a piece of cheesecloth slightly larger than the basket of the potato ricer.
D) Place cheesecloth in bottom of ricer basket.
E) Pour the marijuana butter into the basket.
F) When filtered, close the potato ricer.
G) Slowly squeeze the handles together.
H) Press the butter out of the plant material.
I) Filtered marijuana butter is ready.

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