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Marijuana (Cannabis)

Nutrients And Hydroponic Marijuana Introduction

For plants, light provides energy and nutrients are similar to what vitamins & minerals are to people. The primary nutrients in plant supplements are Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K) also called Potash.

In addition to nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium, marijuana plants require a lesser amount of secondary nutrients and trace quantities of other elements.

Secondary nutrients include calcium, magnesium, sulphur. Trace elements for plants, also called micronutrients, include small quantities of boron, chloride, cobalt, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, zinc.

Plant nutrients are measured in an N-P-K format
N is Nitrogen
P is Phosphorus
K is Potassium (Potash)

A 7-4-3 plant nutrient contains:
7% Nitrogen
4% Phosphorus
3% Potassium

A 30-15-15 plant nutrient contains:
30% Nitrogen
15% Phosphorus
15% Potassium

The percentage of the nutrient not comprised of nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium is secondary nutrients, trace elements, inert material.

An all purpose nutrient with secondary nutrients and trace elements might get you through all stages of growth. But when growing marijuana, you can adjust the nutrient level quantities during different stages of plant growth.

For seedlings, clones, vegetative growth, the plants need lots of N (nitrogen). They also need a fair amount of P (phosphorus) and K (potassium), 10-5-14, or 30-15-15, or something with a similar ratio of N-P-K, and secondary nutrients, and trace elements will work.

During flowering the plants need more P (phosphorus) and the same amount or more K (potassium) than they did for earlier growth. They still need some N (nitrogen) but not more they did prior. They also need secondary nutrients and trace elements.

If you used:
--- Something like 10-5-14 for seedling/vegetative growth, then try using 5-15-14 for flowering.
--- Something like 30-15-15 for seedling/vegetative growth, then try using 15-30-20 or 25-30-30 for flowering.

The important thing here is that when flowering compared to when the plant was in the seedling, clone, vegetative stage:
N (nitrogen) be less or the same.
P (phosphorus) be higher.
K (potassium) be higher or the same.

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