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Marijuana (Cannabis)

Water And Hydroponic Nutrients

In most cases, you should not run a hydroponic system on tap or well water. They can contain things that are harmful to plants. Municipal water is treated with things like chlorine and chloramine.

These are added to kill certain bacteria and microbes in order to reduce or prevent spreading diseases like cholera, dysentery, jaundice, typhoid. Unfortunately they are harmful to the plants.

City water or water from a well can contain concentrations of nutrients, minerals, heavy metals, salts, or other things that can harm marijuana plants, and the people that ingest them.

To be safe, concerned growers have a reverse osmosis water filter or they purchase reverse osmosis or distilled water at a grocery, or similar store that stocks them.

Both reverse osmosis and distilled water production methods are capable of eliminating at least 90% of any impurities. You can measure how pure the water you have is with an EC or TDS meter. The closer the reading is to 0, the purer the water.

Before adding nutrients, the water you use should be as close to 0 as possible. That way you know there is nothing but the optimal quantity of nutrient you add being supplied to the plant via the nutrient solution.

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