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Preparing Hydroponic Nutrients

Hydroponic nutrient is available as dry powder or as a liquid. In addition, it can be purchased in single-part or multi-part nutrient formulas.

Single-Part Dry Nutrient Mixed With Water In A Glass

With a single-part dry nutrient, put some water in a glass or similar container. Measure the amount of nutrient you want, and then put it in the glass with the water.

Stir the water and nutrient together until the nutrient powder dissolves in the water. After it has dissolved, add it to the nutrient reservoir for your hydroponic system.

With multi-part dry nutrients, do the same thing as you would with a single-part nutrient, but use a separate glass for each part. If you have a 3 part dry nutrient, fill 3 glasses with water.

Multi-Part Dry Nutrient Mixed With Water In Separate Glasses

Then measure the amount of part 1 you want, and put it in a glass of water and stir together. Mix part 2 in a separate glass of water and stir, then mix part 3 in a separate glass of water and stir.

After each part has dissolved into the water it can be added to the nutrient reservoir. Most manufacturers of multi-part dry nutrient recommend mixing each part separately, rather than combining them and mixing them with water in the same glass.

With liquid nutrients, you can add them directly to the nutrient reservoir after measuring. Some manufacturers of multi-part nutrients will recommend putting a certain part of the nutrient in first.

For example, with the 3 part nutrient in the image, the manufacturer says to put the part with trace elements, also called micronutrients, in the nutrient reservoir first.

Always shake the container the liquid nutrients comes in to mix everything together, before you measure the amount you need and add it to the nutrient reservoir.

After the nutrients have been added to the nutrient reservoir, measure how strong the nutrient solution is with an EC or TDS meter. If necessary, adjust the strength of the nutrient.

When the nutrient has been added to the reservoir and is the proper strength, you should measure the pH and adjust it so it is within optimum levels for the plant.

A single-part hydroponic nutrient has the primary nutrients, secondary nutrients, trace elements blended together. A multi-part formula keeps various nutrients separate, and lets you adjust the amount of each part you put in the reservoir.

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