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Marijuana (Cannabis)

Marijuana Rolling Paper

There are many of different kinds of rolling paper available to consumers. Choosing an appropriate rolling paper can be confusing to the novice.

Even people who are long time cannabis smokers may utilize a brand of paper just because they are used to it, or is the only type sold at the local store.

The information presented on this page can help you make an informed decision on choosing the rolling paper that is right for you when smoking marijuana, hashish, or hash oil.

Gum, Other Stuff

Rolling Paper Width

The width of a rolling paper is based on the distance from the bottom of the paper to the top, where the glue line is at the top like it is when a joint is being rolled.

Chills Alien Rolling Paper

The most common size widths are:
A) --- single wide
B) --- 1 1/4 wide
C) --- 1 1/2 wide
D) --- double wide

There is no standard for width, so a double wide rolling paper produced by one company might be a different width than a double wide paper made by another company.

However, rolling paper widths produced by most manufacturers usually fall somewhere in these ranges:

Imperial Measurement
--- Single Wide: between 1 1/2 inches - 1 3/4 inches.
--- 1 1/4 Wide: between 1 3/4 inches - 2 1/2 inches.
--- 1 1/2 Wide: between 2 inches - 3 inches.
--- Double Wide: between 2 1/2 inches - 3 1/2 inches.

Metric Measurement
--- Single Wide: between 3.81 cm - 4.45 cm.
--- 1 1/4 Wide: between 4.45 cm - 6.35 cm.
--- 1 1/2 Wide: between 5.08 cm - 7.62 cm.
--- Double Wide: between 6.35 cm - 8.89 cm.

In many parts of the globe single width papers are the most common size. They are referred to as singles, regular size, 1.0 size, or something similar.

A wider paper will allow you to roll thicker joints than a single width paper. You can roll joints that are about the thickness of a cigarette with single wide rolling paper.

In general, single width papers are effective when rolling joints of marijuana smaller than a half gram. Larger smokes will warrant a wider or longer rolling paper.

Rolling Paper Length

The length of the most common brands of single wide rolling paper is between 2 3/4 inches to 3 inches (6.99-7.62 cm) long. A joint rolled with a paper this length will be a little shorter than a king size cigarette.

Some manufacturers make longer papers, usually designated as king size or extra long. There is no standard when it comes to the length of rolling paper.

So a king size rolling paper produced by one company will probably be a different length than a king size paper made by another company.

The longer the paper is, the more marijuana it will hold and the longer it will be when compared to a joint rolled with a regular length rolling paper of a similar width.

Rolling Paper Thickness

Usually referred to in such terms as free burning (thick), medium weight, lightweight (fine), extra thin (extra fine), or ultra thin (ultra fine).

Thinner paper allows more air to pass through the paper when you inhale. This helps the joint burn slower than a thick paper would. The thinner the paper, the slower the joint will burn.

Thick rolling papers are the easier to learn to roll with. Thick papers are usually referred to as free burning rather than quick burning.

A thin paper is usually recommended when rolling marijuana or hashish. But a thicker paper can come in handy when smoking marijuana that is damp, or on other occasions when a quicker burning paper is preferable.

Rolling Paper Gum, Other Stuff

The gum on rolling paper can be all natural or some other kind of gum. There are some types of rolling paper that are ungummed.

An expensive rolling paper may not be an indication of quality. When choosing a rolling paper for smoking marijuana try to obtain rolling paper that is:
--- Ungummed or all natural gum.
--- All natural or 100% hemp.
--- Naturally slow burning.

Preparation of marijuana prior to smoking is very important. For joints that burn evenly, you should use an herb grinder. The grinder can also break up small stems that often poke holes in extra thin rolling papers.

Because there is no gum on some rolling paper, like club ungummed singles, you have to use more saliva with ungummed than you would a gummed paper. You must also do a 'wet-down' just after you roll one up.

Club Modiano Rolling Paper The wet down is usually done by inserting the joint in your mouth once or twice to get some extra moisture to cover the joint and help it stick together.

Some people use the same procedure, sometimes called christening, after they roll a joint with any kind of rolling paper to slow the burning process.

A thin line of honey can be spread along the top of ungummed rolling paper to get the same results as gum. Roll the joint as you normally would then instead of using saliva to get it to stick, use honey.

If you don't preform some sort of extra procedure to make an ungummed rolling paper stick, the joint will probably start to unroll after you start to smoke it.

This may sound like a lot of hassle but some ungummed rolling paper are the slowest and most even burning rolling paper i've used, with marijuana that has been properly prepared in an herb grinder.

If you make filters for your joints, there are special kinds of rolling paper tips for doing this available at some stores, and most headshops.

These are made from non-chlorinated and chemical free paper, they are ideal for this purpose and recommended for all smokers that use a homemade filter.

It is best to stay away from anything with colored printing and even all white cardboard is probably unhealthy unless it is chemical and chlorine free. Cigarette and rolling paper package cardboard can be unhealthy.

If you are an occasional smoker this might not be an important issue. If you are a daily smoker or have concerns about your health, you might want to give some thought to the information presented here.

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