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Oxiracetam Information

Oxiracetam is a generic name for a compound that is a member of the racetam family. The racetam family are a group of compounds that have a pyrrolidone nucleus in common.

The most common comments about oxiracetam, from people that utilize it, are related to the beneficial properties it produces that are linked to thinking, as well as mild mental and physical stimulation it induces.

For medical purposes, it may help people with brain abnormalities like ADHD and various types of dementia improve their attention, concentration, logical performance, memory and spatial orientation.


Oxiracetam Effects And Classification

Oxiracetam can be classified as belonging to several different drug categories including:
--- racetam (has pyrrolidone nucleus).
--- stimulant (can increase energy).
--- nootropic (improves brain function).

Possible benefits include:
Mood boost.
Increased energy.
Increased motivation.
Increased memory recall.
Better ability to mentally focus.
Mild mental and/or physical stimulation.
Improved ability to read and retain what you've read.

Some people, mostly students, say it helps them recall information after it has been taken for a week or more, on a daily basis. A small number of sufferers say it helps with social anxiety.

Oxiracetam Dosage

The most common dose levels are somewhere around 750-1500 milligrams 1-3 times a day, at regular intervals. The maximum recommended daily total is about 3000-5000 milligrams. Optimal results may come from taking it daily, for at least a month.

However, for some individuals tolerance may build if it is consumed too often, like on a daily basis. A good way to avoid this is to ingest it no more than twice a week, with 3-4 days off between the days when it is taken. Oxiracetam is not addictive.

Oxiracetam is water soluble and works fastest when taken on empty stomach. It can be combined with a choline source like alpha-GPC to avoid headaches, and increase the positive effects, like mental focus, that oxiracetam can produce.

Oxiracetam Availability

Prior to utilizing oxiracetam, to be safe discuss it with your physician. On your first attempt it might be the best thing to try working with a small quantity, somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 milligrams or less.

A small dose size will give you an indication of the possible results as well as alerting you to any negative reactions. At small dose sizes, the effects are subtle and some people might not notice anything.

Oxiracetam Warnings, Side Effects

There are no serious side effects associated with oxiracetam.

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