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PEA (Phenethylamine)

Phenethylamine Information

PEA (Phen Ethyl Amine) is naturally occuring substance that can be found in some species of bacteria, fungus, plants, animals. The animals that produce phenethylamine include Homo sapiens, also known as human beings.

In large enough concentrations phenethylamine will inhibit the growth of, or kill, various microorganisms including some types of Escherichia coli, more commonly called as E. coli.

A group of organic compounds called phenethylamines are based on the chemical structure of phenethylamine. Alexander Shulgin, a well respected medicinal chemist, published a book about these chemicals called pihkal.


Phenethylamine Effects And Classification

Phenethylamine can be categorized into various groups including :
Nootropic (increases cognition).
Stimulant (increases energy).
Mood elevator (antidepressant).

For some people phenethylamine can:
Increase focus.
Increase energy.
Increase motivation.
Increase concentration.
Reduce stress.
Decrease pain.
Treat depression.

In addition there are those who find phenethylamine a good treatment for ADD/ADHD, narcolepsy, as well as easing withdrawal from substances including alcohol, amphetamines, cocaine, other drugs that affect dopamine.

Phenethylamine Dosage

Phenethylamine is not addictive.
Recommended dose size is about 250-500 milligrams.
Recommended maximum daily total is about 1000 milligrams.
Some people get effective results with 100 milligram doses.
Some people take 2-3 grams (2000-3000 milligram) doses.

Phenethylamine is water soluble. It can be mixed with liquids and drank, but may taste bad to some people. To avoid the bad taste, powder can be put in a capsule and washed down with water or a drink.

Hordenine can increase the potency of phenethylamine. Use a 2:1 to 10:1 ratio of phenethylamine to hordenine as starting point. Start with low doses. For example, 50 mg phenethylamine to 25 mg hordenine. 500 mg phenethylamine to 50-100 mg hordenine is good if smaller doses don't do much for you.

Phenethylamine Availability

Prior to utilizing phenethylamine, to be safe discuss it with your physician. On your first attempt it might be the best thing to try working with a small quantity, somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 milligrams or less.

A small dose size will give you an indication of the possible results as well as alerting you to any negative reactions. At small dose sizes, the effects are subtle and some people might not notice anything.

Phenethylamine Warnings, Side Effects

Side effects are not usually severe unless there is an allergic reaction. Possible side effects include:
Upset stomach.

May increase blood pressure.
May elevate blood glucose levels.
Daily ingestion can cause tolerance.

Like all nootropics, or other drugs, start with small dose sizes. If small doses fail to provide adequate results, gradually increase the dose size on subsequent attempts.

Wikipedia phenethylamine page.

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