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Piracetam Information

Piracetam is a generic name for a medication that has been marketed as Nootropil in many parts of the globe. Other brand names include Breinox In Venezuela and Ecuador, Lucetam in Europe, Noostan in Argentina, Stimulan in Egypt.

In some European countries it is a doctor prescribed medication employed to treat a condition that causes short involuntary twitching of a muscle or group of muscles, called myoclonus.

Piracetam was initially synthesized by a group of chemists led by Corneliu E. Giurgea, a chemist and psychologist. They were working for the company Union Chimique Belge, a medical product company located in Brussels, Belgium.


Piracetam Effects And Classification

Piracetam can be classified into several categories that include:
Racetam (pyrrolidone nucleus).
Anxiolytic (has anti-anxiety properties).
Nootropic (can improve mental function).

Depending on the individual, it might:
Improve concentration.
Increase motivation.
Improve creativity.
Improve memory.
Improve focus.
Reduce anxiety.
Reduce stress.
Reduce depression.
Be a viable treatment for PTSD.

Some people who take piracetam have noticed they have improved verbal communication skills, words seem to be more fluid and natural, while its effects are active.

When ingested in the morning it can increase alertness and energy during the day, and sleep may come easier when it wears off. Taking a large dose in the morning might produce the same results as taking several smaller doses over the course of a day.

Piracetam is milder in relation to some other racetams that are consumed as nootropics. If you are new to this class of drugs, piracetam may be a good introduction if you just want a soft first time experience to see what they are about.

Although piracetam is milder, when it is compared with other nootropic racetam drugs like phenylpiracetam, for some individuals it produces the desired medical effect without the need for anything stronger.

Piracetam Dosage

Piracetam is very safe as far as toxicity goes, the standard dose size is about 800 milligrams. Some will be able to obtain beneficial results with 500 mg dose sizes while others require doses as large as 5000 mg for positive results.

Start with smaller doses around 500 milligrams and work your way up to larger ones in increments of about 250 milligrams. You might not notice anything till you get to daily intake levels over 2000 milligrams.

Piracetam is water soluble, for the best results take it on an empty stomach. It can be put in capsules and washed down with a drink or added to liquids and drank. Most people don't like the taste when it is added to liquids and drank.

Piracetam is not addictive. There are people who find it doesn't do much for them when they first try it, but that it starts to work better after a few weeks, when it has been taken on a daily basis. Some individuals do not feel anything regardless of the dose level.

There are others who report that they build up a tolerance to it, if it is ingested often. If tolerance is a problem, it might be best to limit intake to once to twice a week, with 3-4 days off between days when it is taken.

Like other nootropic racetams, it can cause some people who take it to experience a headache. One way to avoid or reduce headaches is to take it in combination with a choline source like alpha-GPC.

Piracetam Availability

Prior to utilizing piracetam, to be safe discuss it with your physician. On your first attempt it might be the best thing to try working with a small quantity, somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 milligrams or less.

A small dose size will give you an indication of the possible results as well as alerting you to any negative reactions. At small dose sizes, the effects are subtle and some people might not notice anything.

Piracetam Warnings, Side Effects

Piracetam has few side effects. The ones it does have are generally mild and of short duration. They can include:
Weight gain.
Mental agitation.
Inability to sleep.
Increased anxiety.

The headaches that some patients experience when taking piracetam can usually be reduced or eliminated by ingesting piracetam with choline, or something that contains choline.

Paradoxical effects, which are properties that are the opposite of what most people experience when ingesting piracetam, include depression, sleepiness, feeling physically weak.

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