Izzy The Bassett Hound

Donate Animal Items
  Imlay City Michigan
    And Surrounding Areas

Hi and welcome, we provide foster care for saved shelter dogs and other animals in need of extra care on our property in Imlay City, Michigan. Providing foster care means we take care of animals until they find permanent homes.

Unlike most other animal welfare groups that ask for money and pay staff and other expenses with money that should go to help the animals themselves, we do not ask for money and everyone involved is a non-paid volunteer.

We don't get help from any other source except the kindness of people that are willing to donate animal related items. If necessary, we can pick up items in Imlay City, Michigan and close surrounding areas but would greatly appreciate you bringing (or if necessary mailing) them to us. This will allow you to see the animals you are helping in person.

If you don't have any animal related items but would like to contribute, rather than donating money, we ask that you contact us and find out what is most needed at the present time. In this way, you can purchase the required items and be assured that everything you donate goes to help the animals themselves.

The animals we look after and care for require basic necessities until permanent homes are found for them. We try to make this the best safe haven possible for animals in need. If you could donate any of the items below, your help would be greatly appreciated.

Dog Items Needed
Heart Worm Meds & Tick And Flea Products Are Always Needed
Chains - Muzzles - Leashes - Collars - Harnesses
Dog Houses - Dog Kennels - Fencing Material
Food & Treats - Nylabones - Peanut Butter
Toys - Bowls - Bedding

Other Stuff That's Needed
Any Type Of Animal Cage - Extra Large Wash Tubs - Office Max Gift Cards
Towels - Paper Towels - Pine Sol - Garbage bags - Newspaper
Bleach - Spray Bleach Cleaner - Laundry Soap - Dish Soap
Shovels - Poop Scoopers - Grooming Supplies/Soaps
Storage Bins - Shelves - Hay - Wood Chips

Cat Items Needed
Food - Treats

Our Contact Information
Dog Sanctuary
8394 Bowers Road
Imlay City, MI 48444
(810) 724-0193

The foster dogs we take care of are needy, they have special requirements above and beyond those of most other dogs. These needs can range from minor ailments to major trauma. The dogs are brought to our attention through K9 Stray Rescue League in Oxford, Michigan.