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Marijuana Extracts: Hash Oil

What Is Hash Oil

Hashish oil, more commonly called hash oil, is a thick liquid made from dissolving hashish or marijuana in solvents that include acetone, alcohol, butane, petroleum ether.

The resulting liquid is then separated from any plant matter and the solvent is allowed to evaporate. The substance that remains is a potent form of cannabis known as hash oil.

Hash oil is sometimes sold in 1 gram to 5 gram vials made of glass or plastic. Color can range from dark brown to clear. The more refined it is, the lighter the color and the higher the potency.

White oil, the most potent and refined type of hashish oil is rarely if ever available. Honey oil, the second most potent and refined form of hash oil is popular because it is fairly easy to make.

Honey oil looks and feels similar to honey, that is where the name comes from. Hash oil with more impurities is slightly less potent and can be brown, green, or other colors.

When made properly, hash oil made with butane as the solvent results in honey oil. Hash oil made with alcohol as the solvent can be brown or green.

This is because alcohol extracts some impurities, like chlorophyll, from the marijuana plant material it comes into contact with. The resulting oil is dark but still extremely potent.

Most people prefer honey oil because of the clearer color and it is slightly more potent. But when produced with butane there may be some residual butane in the oil, which can be unhealthy.

For this reason, medical marijuana patients that produce and use their own hash oil will generally utilize alcohol, rather than butane, as their solvent. Chlorophyll is not unhealthy it just dilutes the oil a bit.

Hash oil is very thick, and sticks to everything. It can ruin clothes and stick to most things it comes into contact with. The only thing that will take it off your skin or counter tops is alcohol or a similar solvent.

The stone from high quality hash oil is a very strong and relaxing mind/body experience. It can be almost paralyzing for someone used to smoking marijuana only.

A man named Rick Simpson found that if hash oil is ingested orally in small quantities several times a day, over the course of several months, it can actually cure cancer for some individuals.

THC Content
How To Smoke
How To Buy

THC Content Of Hash Oil, Hashish, Marijuana

THC is the primary chemical that produces intoxication when a person uses hash oil, hashish, or marijuana. The THC content of good to excellent hash oil varies from about 30% to 80% THC, more for very refined oil.

Hashish, also known as hash, is a potent cannabis product that is made by isolating trichomes from marijuana plants and pressing them together into a cohesive mass. The THC content of good to excellent hashish varies from about 20% to 60% THC.

The THC content of good commercial grade marijuana available to most users has a THC content of about 5% to 10%. The THC content of premium grade marijuana can reach levels of 15% or higher.

If you produce your own hash oil or hashish, the THC content will have a good probability of being close to 50%-60% or higher for hash oil, and 30%-40% or higher for hashish. This is assuming you perform the task properly.

Purchasing these products from someone else is another matter. Hash oil will lose a lot of potency after a year of storage, and there are people who will add filler to hash oil and hashish in order to increase the weight.

At best these fillers are inert and will only lower potency, but they may be potential health hazards. Adulterating marijuana is much harder to do. The THC content of mj will be based on the ability of the grower and the particular strain being grown.

How To Smoke Hash Oil

A quick method of smoking hash oil is to use the clear plastic tube that is the body of a disposable pen. Pull out the end cap, pull out the ink tube, and you have a clear plastic tube that is like a straw.

Then, use something that won't burn or melt, like a pin, straight part of a paper clip, jewelers screw driver, or something similar to dip in the oil. What you want to do is just get a little dab of oil on the bottom 1/8 inch or less of whatever it is that you are using.

Heat the oil on the pin or whatever you used by holding it over the burning part of a lit cigarette or joint, without letting them touch.

In a few seconds the oil will drop onto the burning cigarette and burn. Hold the end of the tube above the heat source and suck in the smoke.

After a few tries you will be able to determine how much oil to use without letting any go to waste and how far to keep the plastic tube from the cigarette so it doesn't melt.

For a safer method of consumption, utilize a small tube that is made of metal or some other material that won't burn or melt. Inhaling heated plastic is unhealthy. You can find metallic tubes similar to straws in art supply stores.

Another technique, if you roll your own cigarettes or joints, is to smear a streak of oil on the inside of rolling paper, and then roll a cigarette or joint with this paper.

Vapor Method: put an old knife on a stove burner, use an electric stove if possible and use a gas stove at your own risk. Let it get nice and hot.

Red hot isn't too hot, but you don't want to deform the knife. Get a paper towel tube, or something of similar size and gather everyone around close.

Use an instrument like the one discussed above, to get a little dab of oil, stand ready with the tube, press the instrument (screwdriver or whatever you have) against the hot blade and suck.

Don't take too much; it's very strong and even a small amount can make you cough. The oil will smoke until it's gone, so make sure everyone gets in their suck without letting anything go to waste. It's a good idea if everyone has their own tube.

Another good way to smoke it is to put a drop of hash oil on top of a bowl of marijuana loaded in a pipe. However you do it, take small hits. The stuff is wicked on your lungs.

How To Buy Hash Oil

Lighter color hash oil, clear or the amber color of honey, is more refined and can be a bit more potent than darker stuff. But if it was produced with butane as the solvent, the butane itself may add impurities to the oil.

There is very good hash oil that is dark brown or green in color. Hash oil made with alcohol as the solvent will be dark brown or green. It is nearly as potent as lighter colored oil, and may be the best option if health is a major concern.

--- If in doubt, buy a small amount and try taking three good tokes held in as long as possible.
--- If you are used to smoking marijuana only, this should get you off for a really good 10-20 minute buzz.
--- If you are not sure after taking a few tokes that the stuff you have is very potent, it's not good hash oil, don't buy anymore.

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