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Marijuana (Cannabis)

What Is Thai Stick?

Thai Stick was popular during the late 60s and early 70s. It was premium buds of marijuana that were skewered on marijuana stems.

Several rows of string found in the stalk of the marijuana plant were then used to tie the marijuana to the stem and keep it in place.

The real stuff was very potent compared with the marijuana that was available at the time.

Two or three tokes of Thai Stick would produce the same effects as smoking a joint of regular weed.

It was popular and available most places, at least occasionally, until the late 70s.

Reports of Thai Stick being dipped in opium are apocryphal.

I know of no studies that verify that Thai Stick has ever been dipped in opium.

I suspect that these rumors were a result of people not believing that marijuana could be that potent unless something else were added.

--- Pete Zakel

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